Engineering R&D

222Weifang Haidatong Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in the 1990’s, a science & technology oriented factory, with patents covering different areas of hydraulic machinery, and has been in the leading position for years in the hydraulic hose crimping machine industry.

With aggressively growing demand from the international market for HT hydraulic hose crimping machine, Weifang Haidatong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd being aware core technology is the most competitive factor, strengthens the advantage of its own brand and factory direct price, expand research and development sector, commit to continuous improvement, hence further securing its industry leading position.



Crimp head:
Front casing cover, cylinder and piston rod use chrome40, forging integrity, increase its fatigue resistance. Surface hardness is HRC26-30; working layer hardness of the inner hole is HRC59-63, with 2mm hardness layer.



Crimp dies
The die set, with its base made of Cr12MoV, its hardness of HRC(59°-63°), is processed with quenching & tempering, high-frequency heat treatment, NC wire cutting, featuring breakage-proof, low wearing, which has the merits of not destroying galvanized surface of the hose fitting and longer life span.



Solenoid valve
It is used to adjust hydraulic oil flow direction, flux, velocity etc., with high precision and good flexibility. Specialized German SED valve spool is adopted, featuring stable performance, no shaking and blocking. Pushing force is 39.852N.



High efficient motor has aluminum shell and copper wires. Deeper grooves are applied to its heatsinks, featuring low noise, good heat dissipation and long service life etc.
Protection degree: IP54; Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz


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