Manufacture hydraulic hose crimping machine with its own feature, making innovations come true

Hydraulic hose crimping machine industry in China was very big, but not strong, relying heavily on imitation, which is the root cause for lacking core technology. This is also the biggest soft spot in the hydraulic hose crimping machine industry, and biggest obstacle to prevent it from achieving a qualitative leap. “How to develop its own technology” has been the ultimate goal for hose crimping machine manufacturers in China for the past 30 years.

For series products of hydraulic hose crimping machine, there are several big brands occupying big market shares, with quite high prices offered. However with China’s gradually mastering the core technology of hydraulic hose crimping machine, customers start having access to buy hydraulic hose crimping machines from China in a more competitive price.

Facing fierce market competition, China manufacturers have realized how important it is to innovate and develop its own brand product, find a way to grab back the market share in the global market. For the famous brands of hydraulic hose crimping machine, though owning high technology, they are still using the design scheme from years ago, which gave good opportunity for China manufacturers of hydraulic machinery.

Hydraulic products in China own innovative design concept, always keeping pace with the times, and hydraulic hose crimping machine industry grows much more mature. On base of it, China manufactures like Weifang Haidatong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. become more and more aware of the specific requirements of customers in terms of different areas of applications, which is the greatest asset for China manufacturers, making China’s hydraulic hose crimping machine not only superior in quality, but also competitive in price quote.

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Post time: May-29-2018
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